Last week allowed us to see, that together we are strong and invincible. Acting together sharing same values helps us to reach unreal goals. Everyone is important, anyone who can provide any form of support to Ukraine involving their own means and matters. Especially each day seeing the circumstances the country must survive in.

General information and last news about "COVID-19" presented directly and using official, trusted channels
After general vaccination has started up until this moment, the country is dealing with a quite a list of challenges and issues. Willing to solve them effectively, it is mandatory to have strong cooperation between business sector and government, says Lithuanian Business Representatives. In the photo - Andrius Romanovskis (photo by Josvydas Elinskas -Delfi.lt).
We are glad, that our association consists of socially responsible businesses. We share a few of the examples, how our members not only contribute but also inspire others.

Even during pandemia and quarantine, we are trying to do everything we can for our members. in these associative pictures - moments from virtual meetings: the virtual meeting of the association's board and conference with Vilnius government and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania extreme situations control.