COVID19 and Quarantine: lawyers answers and recommendations


As quarantine was instituted, LR Government Decision could be found here .

LR Ministry of Finances econoical and financial means plan upon "COVID-19" - placed here.

    Ignoring medical facts, still, plenty of questions arise connected to personnel and work, taxes, leasing, as well as other daily procedures and financial burden. Here we have the association's partners to assist.

    • Do we have to pay rent during quarantine? We have to pay for services? Are suppliers dismissed from responsibilities? Is it possible to postpone the deadlines for taxes? Is insurance going to compensate for the loss? As well as other information about governmental institutions tasks - all this and responses provided by "WINT" lawyers in this brochure.
    • COVID-19: risks for business and possible means of control - concentrated information provided here . Prepared by "Nikitinas legal".
    • Advice for employers: organization of work procedures during quarantine - information provided here . Prepared by "Sorainen" lawyers.
    • What is considered as Force Majeure; is COVID19 reffered to that; what to do after fiding out about force majeure circumstances, when agreement is partially performed; acting according to agreements; outage and downtime; All important information prepared by "WALLESS" lawyers, presented here .
      Same lawyers have systemically prepared the general information about main labour law norms' changes and about taxing dues because of the Covid-19 .