Social Liability of Members


The recent period is really complicated. Most medical and healthcare organizations have to deal with challenges, that they did not have nor time or possibilities to prepare for. When we are talking about human life, competitive advantages (or disadvantages) are moved to the second plan, as the leader's position belongs to humanity. We are very glad to have those businesses contributing to a really important process.

  • One of those businesses - "Northway medicinos centrai", donating the most needed medical protective means to Vilnius town clinic hospital.

  • Also, in between of those organizations - "InMedica Klinika". It strongly contributed to the work of governmental public mobile COVID-19 stations: the clinic provides specialists and personnel for testing procedures. Last year December, there were over 500 hours of those specialists' work.

Any contribution of the organizations - really valued input and aid, for which association is really thankful and grateful.